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Working With Dog

As a pet business branding expert, one of the most important people on my team is a skilled, reliable, designer who just gets it. Nicola is all that and more. She is fast, efficient and it's like she reads my mind - providing things for me before I ask and exactly as I would want them!

As a graphic designer myself (and a classic type-A perfectionist) finding a designer I can trust to just handle things, is nearly impossible. I've only ever found a handful of these rare gems, and Nicola is one of them. 

I trust her not just with my client's work, but with my own brands as well. Not only is she a fantastic, intuitive designer, she's also incredibly organized and is always giving me tips about how to improve my own workflow and processes. She's always got a great attitude so I don't have to walk on eggshells when I need a revision.

She's incredibly web savvy and has a great skill set for small businesses and solopreneurs who need a designer in their business who they can just 'throw everything at'. 

In my experience designers like Nicola usually cost 2-4 times as much and deliver about half as much value.  Hire her, like now! You won't be sorry.