The 5V Brand Experience™ is a unique process that will help you reimagine your entire business and immerse your customers into the very heart of your brand.

Dog Design Studio


We all know that enrichment activities are essential for dogs to thrive and become more confident. They also teach them how to make good choices and decisions and become less reactive to their surroundings. It also helps them to think differently about ordinary things they do everyday - like eating.

When our dogs are challenged and work together with us - whether that be in agility or just playing games at home - the bond between human and canine becomes deeper and stronger and unbreakable. Which is exactly the kind of relationship you want with your customers. 

Enrichment is exactly what the 5V Brand Experience™ will give you - confidence in your brand, the ability to make the best decisions and a deep bond with your customers so your business will thrive - oh and I promise we'll have loads of fun doing it too!

WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? A Quick Overview

We go indepth into the 5V's of your brand but also your industry and your customers:

Vision + Values - we'll uncover your big business vision (the all important 'why') and form your values; the non-negotiable elements that will create the heart of your brand

We will also look at the typical vision and values in your industry and how you can make a difference by doing things differently! 

Voice + Vibe - your voice is the words and expressions you use in copy and social media and the vibe is the emotional atmosphere that exists around your brand which - when done well - is sensed intuitively by your customers and creates a strong emotional connection and bond with your brand

Visuals - finally we will pull all of this together to create traditional (and more importantly non-traditional!) visuals elements of your brand to convey the 5V's of your brand to your customers



The full DNA Brand Map process is included as part of the 5V Brand Experience™.

This will give us both a solid foundation to work from and give me an in-depth understanding of your business so I can make the best fully tailored recommendations for you.

Included in your DNA Brand Map Report will be a full proposal including exact costings for a 5V Brand Experience™ which typically starts at $3,000.

It will also include a list of suggestions in terms of design elements that will most benefit your business and solve the problems you are currently facing. If necessary it will also include a plan to introduce them incrementally. These elements could include:

  • Logo / Mood Board / Colour Palette / Fonts
  • Website / Sales Page / Landing Page / Blog
  • Business Cards / Postcards / Thank You Cards
  • Letterhead / Envelopes / Journals
  • Client Welcome Pack 
  • Price List / Services Offered
  • Clothing / Accessories / Bags
  • Signage / Packaging
  • Social Media Graphics


Your deep love of dogs is at the core of your 'why' and I get that your mission is to make a difference to the lives of dogs and their humans and by doing so help dogs lead a happier, healthier and better life.

And you get how important your brand is to the success (and sustainability) of your business.

You've been through the process of 'getting the logo, website and colour palette'. But it just doesn't feel enough to convey the very soul of your brand to the customers that you know need your product or service the most. 

I have created the 5V Brand Experience™ which is a unique process to help you reimagine your entire business and immerse your customers into the very heart of your brand.

It is not for faint-hearted but for those who know things can be done differently and better. You don't want to do things because 'that's the way they are done'. You are ready to be a real game changer in your industry and do things your way. But it's not just about being different for the sake of it - it's about doing things differently to make a difference.

You believe that customer experience is the key to a successful business and your love of dogs drives your quest to improve their lives and in turn make your world (and the world of those around you) a happier and more fulfilling place to live.


As a pet business branding expert, one of the most important people on my team is a skilled, reliable, designer who just gets it. Nicola is all that and more. She is fast, efficient and it's like she reads my mind - providing things for me before I ask and exactly as I would want them!