Mrs Wise Sturt

I cannot being to express how much I enjoy working with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing job you did on my website. You made my vision come to life!


If we haven't met before I'm Nicola but you may have seen me on social media as Mrs Wise Sturt. This is me and my 3 beloved rescue dogs Daisy, Sonny and Thorn - sadly only Sonny is still with us but the other two will always be part of my life so I included them on here.

I have been transforming brands and online homes for female entrepreneurs for 10 years - working from my home studio with my dogs for company and inspiration.

But before following my 'designing from home surrounded by dogs' dream I worked in consumer PR in London for 15 years, with a sojourn in Event Management in Sydney styling red carpet events for movies like Moulin Rouge, Shrek and Crocodile Dundee.

My PR clients included luxury brands like Harvey Nichols Food Hall, Pimm's and Hennessy Cognac, as well as world-famous brands Vodafone, Smart Cars and Cadbury. My last hoorah in employment was as Head of Creativity for a Top 10 Independent PR Agency so creative ideas are always a bonus extra!

But life as I knew it changed when I spontaneously adopted a retiring military dog who was going to be put to sleep if he didn't find a home. So while working 12 hour days and living in a first floor flat Arnie the GWP came to live with me and turned my life upside down.

Everything I did was for him and my entire routine became based around his needs. But he was used to living in kennels and working every day - not putting his paws up on the sofa and relaxing.

So I hatched a plan that would give him the home and retirement he deserved. But in all honesty he was the perfect excuse for me to follow my own heart dream of running a design business from the country without appearing totally crazy.

Sadly he died just a few weeks before I made the move but his legacy lives on and I made the move out of London and started my business which was originally called The Scarlet Paw Print in his honour. I also adopted 3 more GWPs as I had fallen in love with the breed.

Eleven years ago the pet industry wasn't what it is today and there wasn't enough demand for design work for petpreneurs so I focused on female entrepreneurs (with a make-or-break question in my intake questionnaire about whether they owned a dog!)

For a variety of personal reasons - and because it now makes business sense with the pet industry growing at the rate it is - I have come a full circle and for the last year I have finally been following my original dream of  designing for petpreneurs and dog businesses.