The Joy of Being Eccentric Over Authentic

dog in pink wig


For the last few years it seems everyone in the online space has been on a mission to be authentic in order to sell their thing and win more clients.

And at first being authentic felt like a good thing, it made people trustworthy and likeable (or at least relatable). But like most things online once it was deemed to ‘work’ people started using it with motivations that were entirely different from their original intention.

So many people claim to be authentic now that it doesn’t differentiate you from anyone. Being authentic is like providing good customer service, or a good quality product, people expect it and it doesn’t help your customer make a decision about whether they want to work with you or not.

I call enough! Stop being authentic like everyone else and be eccentric instead.

So what exactly does it mean to be eccentric?

You might immediately think of a cat-crazy old aunt who eats digestive biscuits for every meal and wears her straw sun hat 24 hours a day, but dictionary definitions include: “deviating from the conventional; whimsical; a magnetic personality; quite curious; unique; quirky.”

All of which sound much easier (and quite frankly more fun!) than being authentic which is “actually and exactly what is claimed; a proven fact that someone is legitimate and real.” #talkaboutpressure

When you are eccentric there are no expectations – there is no need to clarify or explain anything that you do. There is no danger of being ‘caught out’ for not being truthful or honest. You get to make decisions that seem risky or crazy without being judged. You get to change your mind. You get to go against the grain of your industry. You get to show up how you feel like showing up. You don’t have to second guess yourself because you are going with your intuition and instinct.

Claiming to be authentic means you have to be 100% sure of yourself and who you are and stay true to your authenticity statement at all times. No one can question eccentricity because you are not claiming to be something you are not. You are just being.

Doesn’t being eccentric over authentic feel more genuine and, to be honest, more fun and real? Hell yeah! #bemoreeccentric

So how can you bring your unique eccentricity into your business?



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