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By Design: 2018 The Chinese Year of the Dog


It is no accident that Dog Design Studio is launching today - Chinese New Year of the Dog. I was also born in the Year of the Dog (1970) and I am finally following my heart and focusing on branding and website design for petpreneurs after 8 years of designing for female entrepreneurs.

When I first made the leap from my PR career to a design career I dreamt about working with animal (and more specifically dog) businesses but at that time there really wasn't a big enough market. Now the pet industry worldwide is worth $100 billion so I figured there would probably be enough work to go round!

I've done some research into what Year of the Dog will mean for all of us and even thought leaders and astrologists and spiritualists all have different perspectives on what the year will actually hold for us, they are all in agreement that for people who follow their hearts, are devoted to their goals and embrace positivity (all very doggly principles!) it will be a very positive year. So if you have a dream that you're dying to follow or you just think there has to be more to life - then this is the year to finally make that move.

And if you want to take on the world in style some of the world's biggest design names are also embracing Year of the Dog with the likes of Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana launching dedicated Year of the Dog ranges.