Privacy Cookies GDPR

+ A Dog’s Thoughts on Privacy & Cookies


Here's the thing about dogs - they have little need for Privacy (or think you need any if you have one that follows you into the bathroom Every. Single. Time) and they looooooooove Cookies!

So as a general rule dogs are basically happy with no Privacy and lots of Cookies.

But us online business owners? Not so much.

I know you will be as bored of receiving emails about GDPR (which to your dog means Good Dog Please Repeat - to us it means General Data Protection Regulation) and re-consenting and Privacy Policies as I am.

(As a web designer I'm spending a fair amount of time each day working on Privacy and Cookie policies for my clients too!)

But here's the thing. While it all seems annoying right now and that we're all being made to jump through hoops, I do believe it will ultimately make the internet a much better place for everyone.

So what does it actually mean? Look at it this way:

Our dogs will gather up all their toys and hide them under the sofa where no one can see them - and then play with them whenever they remember they're under there.

But we need to be very transparent about how and where we store our customer's data and how we use it.

And when it comes to toys or balls our dogs have no qualms about just taking whichever one they want - even if someone else is playing with it!

We have to be more polite and obvious about asking permission for people's personal details. This will usually involve checkboxes and explicit permission given for anything to be sent to you.

To keep up to date with the new regulations I have updated my own Privacy Policy which you can read here.

I have also added a Cookie Consent bar to my site where you can select which cookies you are happy to enable while you're on there.

And even though I set up the Bow Wow! Brand Quiz months ago to get explicit optin permission via a checkbox - I'm playing it very safe by asking for everyone on my list to re-consent to staying in the Dotty Posse.


So if you become a member of the Dotty Posse what kind of emails can you expect to receive?

Well I've been working on some new offerings to run alongside my bespoke Bow Wow! Brands and Websites.

They include Bark & Spark semi-customised logos and websites and a whole host of marketing collateral templates - think welcome magazine, price lists, appointment cards, postcards etc - that you can use to wow your own clients.

I'm also going to be expand on the PetPreneur Brand Manifestos with more examples, colours, fonts and suggestions for how you can incorporate your Bow Wow! Brand Quiz results into your business.

There are also some fab new physical products and a new blog Dog Design Style covering dog related topics from design, dining and decor.

So if you want to stay in the Dotty Posse and are happy to munch on lots of yummy cookies with me then take the quiz and tick the consent box to allow me to stay in touch - and consider yourself invited to play with #allthetoys under the sofa.

Of course you can always stop playing at anytime by unsubscribing.

PS. Just one final note - there is an old saying that goes:

Handle every stressful situation like a dog; if you can't eat it or play with it, then pee on it and walk away.

Whilst I normally live by this - GDPR is one of those situations where it is NOT best to just pee on it and walk away!