Improving the lives of dogs and their humans is at the heart of our vision and values. We do this for our clients through our immersive branding services but we also do it for dogs who don't currently have their own human through our giving back programme - Dogs on Sofas.

The experience of a shelter is a pretty harrowing one for most dogs - especially if they are coming from a loving home into a cold concrete box with zero comforts that they were used to.

We want that transition to be slightly easier by helping selected rescues make the lives of their canine residences more comfortable during their stay. This includes providing donated armchairs or beds, blankets, toys, and soothing music and aromatherapy to help calm anxious dogs.

This will also help dogs who have never known home comforts become used to them so the transition into their own home environment becomes easier for both the dogs - and their new human family - to manage.

We donate 5% of our turnover every six months to a selected rescue or shelter. The charity we have selected for the six month period April to September 2019 is our local animal shelter Animals in Need in Northamptonshire.