Working With Dog


As a pet business branding expert, one of the most important people on my team is a skilled, reliable designer who just gets it. Nicola is all that and more. She is fast, efficient and it's like she reads my mind - providing things for me before I ask and exactly as I would want them!

As a graphic designer myself (and a class type-A perfectionist) finding a designer I can trust to just handle things is nearly impossible. I've only ever found a handful of these rare gems, and Nicola is one of them.

I trust her not only with my client's work, but with my own brands as well. Not only is she a fantastic, intuitive designer, she's also incredibly organized and has got a great attitude so I don't have to walk on eggshells when I need a revision. Hire her, like now! You won't be sorry.

Marika Meeks & Stella


Nicola is responsive, creative, works amazingly fast and just gets it! And she's in the pet industry so she knows what I'm trying to do and gets the vibe I want to portray to my site visitors. The only thing I'm not really happy about is that I didn't find her sooner!

Joanne George

Nic, you've been there from the beginning and you are ultimately the one who put Smiley on the world map. Thank you for helping spread his important message.

Mindy Dutka

I cannot begin to express how much I enjoy working with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing job you did on my website. You made my vision come to life!

Goats of Anarchy

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work. What you have been creating for us is just beautiful and I'm so happy to have you as part of the GOA family. 2018 is going to be such a huge year for us and you are really helping to get us to that next level.

Thank you for being so generous. I absolutely love everything you have done so far.

Jacki Oliphant

After years of frustration trying to do-it-myself, I finally realised that if I wanted my dream virtual home, I needed to find a professional. I really wanted to work with someone who was creative, visionary, talented, fun, smart and innovative…so it worked out rather perfectly when I found Nicola.

Working with Nicola is quite simply a joy. She is smart, she is creative, she is super competent, supportive, intuitive and gracious. The way she can translate ideas into a digital dream is nothing short of amazing. If you want a website that is original, embodies your vision, brand and personality work with Nicola, she is a rare talent.

Lara Dalch

Nicola's uncanny ability to describe my personal style through her quiz is what drew me to her in the first place. When it came time to redesign my website, I know exactly who to call - I didn't even consider another designer!

Working with Nicola was a true pleasure. She gave me a clear roadmap and timeline for the project and more importantly she was able to take my vision for my brand and bring it to life in a way I couldn't possibly have imagined on my own.

My website is now bringing new visitors to my email list on a daily basis via the gorgeous optin pages and boxes Nicola created. And - for the first time since I started my business - my website feels like home, a true reflection of who I am and what I bring to my clients.

Kris Emery

You know that one designer whose style you lust after forever? And you hope and pray that one day you'll be able to work with that dreamiest of dream website stylists? But first you just gotta get your shit together or it'll be a colossal waste of everybody's time? For me, that was Nic.

I felt so grateful when the day came that I was grown-up enough to hire such a huge talent in the design world. And even luckier when Nic was so easy to work with. The process was super smooth and timely, the mark of a real pro who clearly knew what she was doing and how to guide clients through end to end.

The visual style speaks for itself. In fact, she 'got' me so well, she already knew which of the design concepts I would choose, because it was such a good fit for my personality and business values. Not only that, though, her recommendations for tech were also really user-friendly and spot on for what I needed.

It's such a weight off your mind when a designer is not only intuitive with the visual style but also kind, patient, and a joy to collaborate with on a project. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nicola on every criteria you could possibly want in a website designer.

Laura Camacho

Working with Nicola is a dream come true for me. I always felt like the look of my old website and brand was hugely inadequate but I didn't know what to do about it.

When I consulted other designers, they wanted me to tell them what to do, and I didn't know how to convey the intangibles that I deliver, like impact and influence, in visual language.

But Nic absolutely got what Mixonian Institute is all about. Her process really draws out aspects of your personality and your business that you can't otherwise see. Then she swoops in and connects the dots for you.

She is truly world class and over delivers in the agreed-upon timeline. I am so proud of this branding, I can't stop looking at it.

Carrie Brummer

I’m so grateful to Nic. It was divine timing that I discovered her website just as I found out I had to change the name of my company. Nic went above and beyond with support as I decided on a new name.

She perfectly crafted a brand that brought me to tears when I first saw it.

When I released the new website to my community people told me they felt it, too. Nic somehow knew how to visually encompass the best of our community. My online presence has just “up-leveled” because of Nic.

Angela Raspass

A HUGE shout out for the creative genius of Nicola Wise-Sturt who has revitalised, revamped, rejuvenated and realigned the visual story of my business. I am simply in love with my main site - I swoon when I open it!

She totally gets me, has encapsulated the essence of me and rolled it out into a visual feast that I never anticipated I could ever have. And my community and clients - they have been emailing me telling me how much they love the new look and how they want to do EVERYTHING I offer. That's new - that's the Nicola effect methinks...

If you have the opportunity to work with her in any fashion, RUN, don't walk!